Email Marketing

Helping brands increase engagement, leads and conversion via targeted and personalised email marketing campaigns.

Contrary to belief email marketing is not dead.  It is still one of the most cost effective marketing techniques used by brands to engage with existing or dormant customers.

At PRINCIPLE, we work with brands to create and implement strategic email marketing strategies which as targeted and personalised.  This approach enables brands to segment and profile their audience based on their interests, buying preferences and demographics and create highly personalised / targeted email marketing campaigns.  Email campaigns are designed and written in a tone a voice that appeals to the desired audience, resulting in increases engagement and conversion which meet the short and long term campaign and business objectives.

Partner with PRINCIPLE to deliver your Email Marketing Strategy

Subscribers are more likely to provide an email address when they trust the sender, and over 80% of all email reads are generated from these addresses.


  • Situation analysis.  We meet and discuss the current approach to email marketing, review templates, list quality and business objectives.

  • Document and agree the next best course of action

  • We agree campaign objectives and expected KPI’s

  • Create email marketing campaigns which includes template design, content and schedule

  • We communicate and work in partnership with our clients to ensure visibility and transparency on agreed deliverables

  • Report

“Working with PRINCIPLE we have achieved 46% incremental growth quarter on quarter and increased conversion by 29%”


Has your business got a database of customer contact information, but do not have the skills and knowledge on how to best approach your communication strategy.

If yes, then you need to adopt a strategic approach to your communication strategy by embracing email and depending on the business objective push SMS notifications.

At PRINCIPLE, we work with brands to take control of their customer information and strategically plan email marketing campaigns to ensure the message is relevant to the audience.  We help brands to cleanse data, configure email software, design templates, create content and schedule campaigns.  But most important we are focused measuring user engagement and ultimately conversion.

If you’re business in new to the concept of email marketing or maybe you want to take your email to the next level then get in touch.


Create email marketing campaigns that are personalised and targeted to increase audience engagement, conversion and brand empathy.

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