So yesterday when I logged into my LinkedIn account from a desktop, I was presented with a completely different user interface and experience.

Was I surprised No, as LinkedIn previously announced that a redesign was going to be rolled out to put greater emphasis on conversation and content.

However was I surprised as the new interface looked a lot like Facebook Yes. As if I’m brutally honest if I didn’t have to use it for work it’s something I can live without.

Without doubt the new interface puts greater emphasis on conversation and content which was the primary objective of the redesign.  However I question if LinkedIn have gone too far to make what is supposed to be a professional networking platform feel link a social media channel?

I question this as the news feed resembles Facebook and they have even introduced a live messaging service which again is a Facebook feature.

However, putting the interface design to one side the latest enhancements are significant and includes –

  • Streamlined navigation: There are now seven core areas on the bar navigation – Home (Your Feed), Messaging, Jobs, Notifications, Me, My Network, and Search. With one simple click on the “more” icon on the navigation bar you can launch into other experiences that matter to you, like LinkedIn Learning
  • Smarter messaging that helps you connect and unlock new opportunities: With the new real-time messaging service which is positioned as the bottom of the page, you can message a connection wherever you are on LinkedIn
  • Richer news feed to keep you informed: With a combination of algorithms and human editors working together, they have fine tuned the news feed to surface the most relevant content from people and publishers you care most about
  • More intuitive search: You now have one universal search box to easily find people, jobs, companies, groups and schools
  • Greater insight into who’s viewing your content: You can now see who’s reading and engaging with the content you share, including the company, job title and location of the people who are interested in your updates
  • Better suggestions to make your profile stand out:  They have improved profile suggestions so you can more easily see what you need to do to look your best professionally, for example, suggested skills based on what recruiters are searching for.

Whilst I don’t dispute that a redesign is welcomed, will add significant value and offer users with an optimum experience, especially for new users to the community I am left wondering if LinkedIn is loosing it’s appeal as a professional networking tool?

However maybe this is the first step in a number of significant changes being introduced by LinkedIn as the latest redesign is the most significant enhancement since inception.

I would love to hear your opinions on the redesign and if you’re feeling inspired why not connect with me on LinkedIn.