Social Media for Business

Create an engaging social media strategy which increase social reach, brand authority and empathy.

Social Media for Business has never been so important.  Facebook remains the dominant channel with more than 1,870 million daily active users, however businesses still need to quickly react and adapt their social media strategies to align with the changing behaviour and social preferences of their targeted audience.

Knowing what channels are the most valuable and how to use them to promote your business and engage with your audience is key to ensuring your business social objectives are achieved.

At PRINCIPLE, we work with our clients to create engaging omni-channel social media strategies to align with agreed social objectives.   There is no one channel or content fits all. Which is why analyse and access each social media channel individually and develop content plans, KPIs and metrics to align with each type of social audience.

Social Media for Business

80% of time spent on social media happens on a mobile device. Couple this with the fact Google announces a shift to a mobile first index, and this underlines the fact that all businesses need to think “mobile-first” across their marketing mix.


  • Situation analysis.  We meet and discuss current activities, existing processes and business objectives

  • Document and agree the next best course of action

  • Create a digital marketing strategy and agree upon KIPs and projected outcomes

  • Deliver on the agreed strategy, measure and refine campaigns to ensure optimum results

  • We communicate and work in partnership with our clients to ensure visibility and transparency on agreed deliverables

  • We report

“Working with PRINCIPLE we have increased our brand awareness, social reach and increased lead generation by conversion by 26%”


Has your business established a social presence but not achieving the desired results or is your business new to social media and not comfortable on how to use the channels to promote your business?

If this describes your business, then creating a focused social media strategy will help your business to strategically plan content and react to the ever changing landscape of social media.  To create engaging and relevant content to promote your business whilst achieving marketing objectives of increasing social reach, brand awareness, in store footfall, lead generation, social engagement and most importantly conversions.

At PRINCIPLE we work with businesses to promote their product or services on social media. Our team are passionate about creative marketing and will strategically plan and adopt marketing techniques to promote your business online to ensure we reach and engage your target audience.

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Working with brands we analyse current marketing activities and create a strategic digital marketing plan which is measurable to achieve business objectives.

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