I recently had the pleasure of attending the Dublin Tech Summit which took place at the Convention Centre.

This two day event which attracted more than ten thousand attendees celebrates Ireland’s software companies and attracted global speakers.

Not knowing what to expect from the first ever Dublin Tech Summit I immediely assumed that the event would be similar to the Web Summit which I attended for the first time in Lisbon.

But unfortunately while it was a fantastic event I personally felt that it was lacking atmosphere, image and a personality that actually spoke to the tech industry.  I feel like this mainly because of the choice of venue, which was very corporate and formal.  When the tech sector is very relaxed and where wearing a suit would be frowned upon.

There was some similarities between the Tech and Web Summit and that was the choice of speakers with representives from Facebook, Google and not forgetting Gary Vee being in attendance.

There was also a start up area where both local and global companies showcased their innovative products.

Whilst I was in attendance in a work capacity I did have the opportunity to network and attend a number of keynote presentaions on the key areas of data, smart cities and AI I felt that a lot of the presentations would have been difficult to apply to the workplace.   So as a digital marketer I personally feel that this event was of no benefit.

For example a lot of talks appeared to always revert back to VR, AI and Robotics.  But in the workplace environment I feel that it would be difficult to justify how these technologies  could be applied especially for the use of consumer marketing.   Yet I am happy to be proven wrong on this matter.

If you atttended the Tech Summit let us know if you felt it was of benefit to your business and what learning you took from attending the conference.